Thursday, January 27, 2011

Feeling under the weather!

Hello glitter fiends! Sorry this blog has been dead this week. I have such the pesky cold that wont go away and it's really kicking my butt. I am starting to feel better though, so I'll be posting some reviews from BTFE, Cake Minerals, Bad Bitch Cosmetics (I think that's all!). Plus I will be uploading some EOTD pics. Thanks to my new followers, I saw we are up to 89! How awesome are you all?? :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

And the winner is........

Firstly, I'd like to say thank you to everyone who is a follower and who entered. I hope you guys will continue to follow and comment on my reviews and such. I plan on holding another contest when I hit 125 followers ;) So yeah, keep on checking me out and spreading me around.
Now...without further ado - the winner is.............

#9 Drea from: Like a Rockett

Congrats and email me with your choices and address!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Review: RockABetty Beauty Cosmetics

I love the pinup style. The look is just downright sexy in my opinion. So needless to say, when I was introduced to RockABetty Beauty Cosmetics, I was extremely excited. With that said, there are a couple of issues with this company. *Disclaimer: The following post is only my opinion and mine alone*

The basics: RockABetty Beauty Cosmetics opened in Feb 2010 and ru
n by Ber. Her shop can be found on etsy HERE. The slogan for RABB is "Where every gal's a pinup". I think this is a great slogan because it just draws you in, as a customer. I don't know about you all but one of the first things I do when looking at a new shop, is to check out their shop announcement. At the time of my order, RABB had a 50% off code (which is a good thing). She clearly stated that orders wouldn't ship out until Jan 4, 2010. Since I wanted to order, I was ok with that. The date of my order was Dec 27th. RABB offers lid lusters in 10g jars, mini lid lusters in 3g jars, pinup powders, scents and more.

What I ordered: I ordered the "Crack Baggie Crave Sampler Kit, You pick 10 and a Pinup Powder" for $9.50 (with shipping it came to $12.49). The price was good because when you break it down, you are paying .95 for a sample. I am use to paying at least $1.00 per sample. I also like that the Pinup Powder was include.

The goods & more: If you look at RABB's shop announcement, you will see that it now states that all orders with come with delivery confirmation, except samples. This was not previously mentioned at all. I don't know about you but I feel even samples should come with a delivery confirmation but again, that is only my opinion. As preciously mentioned, I ordered on Dec 27, 2010 with the understanding that the orders would not ship until Jan 4, 2011. My actual order did not ship until Jan 8th and I finally received it on Jan 18th. That is such a long time and I will admit, without dc I was questioning the truth about the actual ship date. Because of the long wait, I emailed RABB twice about the status of my order. I did not receive ONE email back. Communication was terrible. With that said, I was really happy to finally get my stuff, which you can see below.

Even though I had doubts, it really was shipped on Jan 8th. I guess weather was to blame.

The cute popcorn bag my order came in.

L to R: Cute little wish list, business card, handwritten note and free sample (Toxic Waste)

Swatch #1. Really pretty colors. With Rehab though, the blue glitter was simply put, a mess. It didn't stay on and fell off. I'll post more below on the glitter issues.

Swatch #2. Again pretty colors but Covet & TW looked to be the same to me :/

So like I said, I was having issues with the glitter in Rehab. In the ship announcement, RABB had this to say:

It really is a bummer. It is nice to see the owner taking responsibility and fixing this problem. I can't say it enough but before you start a business...RESEARCH and when you think you know it all, research some more.

The last hooray: So between the shipping issue, no communication and glitter issues, this was a pretty so so experience. It could have been a lot better.

Colors are nice minus the few with glitter issues.
I love the Pinup Powder, nice little shimmer dust.
Unique packaging.
Ingredients listed on site .

Bad customer service.
Bad shipping time.
Ingredient issues, glitter that is too big and not cosmetically safe for eye use.

So, will I order from RABB again? Maybe. Like I mentioned, I really did like the colors. I think once the owner fixes a few kinks, this could be a great shop to shop from. I truly do hope they can perform better in the future.

What's coming up!

I just want to say first, thank you all for following me and passing me around. It means a lot!! I am thrilled :). So with that said, a little update for you.

-Sugarpill Cosmetics "50" giveaway! If you haven't entered already, why not!? The drawing will be held on Jan 23, 2010! I will use to pick a winner and then the winner will be notified. They have 24 hours to respond and claim the prize.

-I also have a few more reviews to post. They are as follows:
*RockABetty Beauty Cosmetics HERE
*Bad Bitch Cosmetics
*Cake Mineral Makeup
*Moonrise Studio
*Beauty From The Earth
*Hi Fi Cosmetics

-I'll be doing a couple EOTD's this week. If you have a color combo you'd like to see done - just let me know!

If you have any shops you like out there, let me know and I will review them for Fan's Request!

Have a great day!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Two new contests

In the spirit of contests, I saw this one on . I have been eying VC for a while and I love the whole feel of her colors. I think the one I mostly want to order is "Green Mamba"

(Photo from Venomous Cosmetics)

Check out the contest @

Also my friend Christina from Confessions of a Glitterholic, is also hosting her own giveaway! Check her out :)

Sugarpill Cosmetics Give Away!

(Photo from Sugarpill Cosmetics)

It's that time folks!! We have hit 50 fans (51 to be exact!) and now it is time for this amazing and awesome contest. So let's get to to.

The rules are simple. You MUST be a follower of this blog and you have to comment below with your favorite product from Sugarpill Cosmetics.

(Photo from Sugarpill Cosmetics. Not the actual prize winner will receive)

The prizes are amazing. The winner will receive two eye shadows from Sugarpill of their choice. Now, don't be surprised when you also receive other goodies in the prize pack ;)

The deadline to enter is Jan 23, 2010. That is one week away. So what are you waiting for? Follow me (if you haven't already), take a look @ SPC and let me know what your favorite product is. Check back here and maybe you will be the winner!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Pigment making is FUN!

So after the Glittersniffer Cosmetics! debacle, I decided to buy the TKB kit and make my own. Wow, I never knew how much FUN it was. I really enjoy it and I have already ordered more jars and micas. This is just what I have made so far and I have so many more that I plan on making. So what do you think? If you are interested in getting your own kit, click HERE.

(I just made this gorgeous black color w/ tons of glitter and yes, the glitter is micro and eye approved! Whatcha think?)

And finally, a look I did with Brobee, Ariel & Mardi Gras Purple with Star Gazer as a highlighter from Madd Style Cosmetics.

Inner to Outer: Brobee, Ariel, MG Purple

Friday, January 14, 2011

17 more people...!

I'm excited and you should be as well! I am almost to 50 followers! Right now I am at 33 which is amazing, thank you all. Remember, spread or pimp me out (however you want to look at it). Once we hit 50, we'll have that amazing Sugarpill Cosmetics (plus more!) give away. The winner will receive:

Sugarpill Cosmetics:
-1 loose eye pigment
-1 pressed eye pigment

That's right get not only one but two! Also, if you prefer two loose or two pressed, that is alright as well. So what are you waiting for? Let's get 17 more awesome people to follow me :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Quick Q&A!

So I received a couple of emails and in them, were a few questions. I find it only fair if I post the answers here for my fans.

1. Why do you do this?
I LOVE makeup and I love new/indie companies. I have been burned in the past though because there hadn't been any reviews on said company. Besides, I love trying all new companies out.

2. Are you an expert?
Not at all! I just like what I do and want to share it. :)

3. Are these your own opinions?
Yes they are. Anything I write here is based on my own personal experiences with a company. You should always research and buy at your own discretion.

4. Are you paid to write these reviews?
No I am not. I buy all of the makeup I am reviewing. I prefer it that way actually. The reason is that I am getting the same treatment everyday customers are getting.

5. Have you ever written or will you have a bad review?
Yes I have (see my Glittersniffer Cosmetics! review). I am totally and 100% honest in my reviews.

See..told you it was a quickie. Remember, if you ever have any questions, please feel free to email me at

Monday, January 10, 2011

Calling all Glitter Geeks & Nerds: Shiro Review!

Image property of Shiro Cosmetics

While on the lookout for new MM companies, the one name that kept popping up was Shiro Cosmetics. So I checked out the site on etsy and saw this:

Makeup and Geekery.
and from her facebook page:
Nerdy, independent makeup company.

I love it! I love geeks, nerds what have you. I'm telling you, catchy titles/descriptions/pictures is very important when having a business and trying to gain a following. Well enough babbling, lets get to it, shall we?

The basics: Shiro Cosmetics is a one woman operation. It is own and founded by Caitlin. She has an etsy shop which you can find HERE and a website, which you can find HERE. Right now the website is under construction but it looks intersting with the Mario gaming look. I am really impressed with the photographs, as they cleary show the loose pigments and her names are pretty neat as well, such as Pikachu. As far as variety, Shrio has it. From her Legends Collection to the Super Effective Collection, colors range from the bold to the subtle.

I ordered a sample set on Dec 25th and received my package that following week (29th I believe). That's super fast shipping, which I appreciate. Now when I got my package I was even more impressed. Shiro doesn't skimp nor are they lazy in how they present their package. My goods came in this cute little bag with a business card on it. Now pay attention other etsy/MM owners. This is amazing customer service. This shows care and is a great touch. On the other side of the business card was a handwritten note from Caitlin. How sweet right? Another impressive touch.

Now, what did I get you ask? I ordered the Pick 5 Sample Sizes and asked for:
Magneton, Acid, Puzzle Cube, Nayru's Love & Rupee. I also was sent Spinarak and Temple of Time for free.

What I like the most is the ingredients on the lable. I really can't express how important this is to me and others. I personally want to know what I am putting on my eyes and I only wish all companies did this.

Here is a swatch. The colors are so shimmery and pigmented. They are blended very well and they adhere nicely to the eyes. My favorite was Puzzle Cube. It is a great highlighter with glitter that will knock you out (ina good way!)

L to R: Temple of Time, Spinarak, Puzzle Cube, Magneton, Nayru's Love, Acid, Rupee

The big finish:
-Will I buy from Shiro again? Yes, most definitely.
-The Pros include: Fast shipping, great packaging & customer service, great product.
-The Cons include: It was super hard to find one thing I didn't enjoy about this company. I guess that is why so many people recommend it. Give it try and let me know what you think!


Sunday, January 9, 2011

What's happening!

Hey fellow glitter fiends! I hope you all are having a great weekend. I just wanted to tell you what is coming up here at JADGG.

-Monday: The Shiro Cosmetics review will be posted.
-Tuesday: EOTD look

I am currently waiting for my order from RockaBettyBeauty Cosmetics. It was shipped on the 8th, so soon. Also, I found a new shop on etsy called Cake Mineral Makeup. Their shop was intriguing so I ordered from them.

I am also wanting to do a give away from Sugarpill Cosmetics! I need more followers and if you help me out, you could end up winning a fabulous prize! I'm talking winners choice of pigment(s) from Sugarpill! Right now I am at 17 followers (yay thank you all!!). When I hit 50 - I will hold the give away. So spread me around and let's get some new friends on here.

Have a good one and be safe. Look for the Shiro review tomorrow and leave me your thoughts!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Review #4: Scaredy Cat Cosmetics

#4: Scaredy Cat Cosmetics!

Photo by Scaredy Cat Cosmetics. *Dysphoria featured*

I personally love to support small business/Indie Companies. They are more involved
and I find I get much better quality when using these companies. I will generally troll Etsy and check out the shops and if one catches my eye, I'll buy and review it. These companies NEVER know I am a blogger/review, which I prefer. I was introduced to Scaredy Cat Cosmetics by a friend, Kitty C. She posted the link to this shop and I looked, was intrigued and bought.

About the company: Scaredy Cat Cosmetics is owned and founded by Kelly F. She is (per her bio) a "mother, geek, wife, daydreamer, doer, free-spirit, lover of life." SCC is a new company on etsy. They offer unique, hand-blended, all-natural mineral makeup. They also have many Vegan items as well.

What I like about SCC: As with the saying "You eat with you eyes first," I buy with my eyes first. What attracted me to SCC was their photos. They are well done and eye catching. Another plus is their packaging. With a previous cosmetic company, I was sent pigments in a non padded envelope. Spillage was a big problem with that company. I also love the fact that SCC's shipping time was amazing. I ordered on the 24th and got it on the 27th. With SCC, this is how my samples (yes samples!) were sent:

What I ordered: I decided to order the 5 for 5 trial vials. This is a really good deal if you are unsure of a company and/or the colors. They come in cute little vials that have a rubber stopper. This is important because it holds IN the pigment. Each vial was placed in their own plastic bag. Now the thing with the vials, they really only allow for a small brush to get in. Now personally, this doesn't bother me because I just tap out what I need in the bag. Each bag is labeled with the name, so you wont get confused if you decide to pour into the bag. For my 5 for 5, I ordered Smooze, Teal Deal, Unicorn Breath, Keltoi and Caldonia.

What I think about the pigments: They are gorgeous colors. Some give you that POP and some give you that smokey, dramatic eye look. In my opinion, they are blended well with the right amount of glitter(size as well) and they are easily blendable.

Will I buy from SCC again? You bet! I love the fast shipping, great packaging and beautiful colors. If you are unsure, try her 5 for 5 trial vials.

Overall Score: 5/5

Etsy Page: Facebook Page:!/pages/Scaredy-Cat/150434261654318