Thursday, January 13, 2011

Quick Q&A!

So I received a couple of emails and in them, were a few questions. I find it only fair if I post the answers here for my fans.

1. Why do you do this?
I LOVE makeup and I love new/indie companies. I have been burned in the past though because there hadn't been any reviews on said company. Besides, I love trying all new companies out.

2. Are you an expert?
Not at all! I just like what I do and want to share it. :)

3. Are these your own opinions?
Yes they are. Anything I write here is based on my own personal experiences with a company. You should always research and buy at your own discretion.

4. Are you paid to write these reviews?
No I am not. I buy all of the makeup I am reviewing. I prefer it that way actually. The reason is that I am getting the same treatment everyday customers are getting.

5. Have you ever written or will you have a bad review?
Yes I have (see my Glittersniffer Cosmetics! review). I am totally and 100% honest in my reviews.

See..told you it was a quickie. Remember, if you ever have any questions, please feel free to email me at


  1. Very interesting! I really appreciate that you buy all the makeup you review. I've always felt envious of bloggers who receive freebies, since I too spend my own money on makeup simply because I love it. I have nothing against freebies for the purpose of review/promotion, but I'm glad to know that you are just like me. :) I will look forward to more reviews from you, and of course your Sugarpill giveaway!! I'll try to spread the word ;D

  2. Thanks so much Emily :). I'm pretty excited about the Sugarpill give-away! I get to give some away AND I get to buy some for me lol. A friend & I were talking about getting freebies etc. It really is fine but like I said - I truly want the "real deal" so to speak :)

  3. Very intersting. I actually never get emails with questions, nor do people ask questions in the comments :(

    I must be like super unapproachable or something.
    I have to say your blog has a good structure and is very informational.