Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Review: RockABetty Beauty Cosmetics

I love the pinup style. The look is just downright sexy in my opinion. So needless to say, when I was introduced to RockABetty Beauty Cosmetics, I was extremely excited. With that said, there are a couple of issues with this company. *Disclaimer: The following post is only my opinion and mine alone*

The basics: RockABetty Beauty Cosmetics opened in Feb 2010 and ru
n by Ber. Her shop can be found on etsy HERE. The slogan for RABB is "Where every gal's a pinup". I think this is a great slogan because it just draws you in, as a customer. I don't know about you all but one of the first things I do when looking at a new shop, is to check out their shop announcement. At the time of my order, RABB had a 50% off code (which is a good thing). She clearly stated that orders wouldn't ship out until Jan 4, 2010. Since I wanted to order, I was ok with that. The date of my order was Dec 27th. RABB offers lid lusters in 10g jars, mini lid lusters in 3g jars, pinup powders, scents and more.

What I ordered: I ordered the "Crack Baggie Crave Sampler Kit, You pick 10 and a Pinup Powder" for $9.50 (with shipping it came to $12.49). The price was good because when you break it down, you are paying .95 for a sample. I am use to paying at least $1.00 per sample. I also like that the Pinup Powder was include.

The goods & more: If you look at RABB's shop announcement, you will see that it now states that all orders with come with delivery confirmation, except samples. This was not previously mentioned at all. I don't know about you but I feel even samples should come with a delivery confirmation but again, that is only my opinion. As preciously mentioned, I ordered on Dec 27, 2010 with the understanding that the orders would not ship until Jan 4, 2011. My actual order did not ship until Jan 8th and I finally received it on Jan 18th. That is such a long time and I will admit, without dc I was questioning the truth about the actual ship date. Because of the long wait, I emailed RABB twice about the status of my order. I did not receive ONE email back. Communication was terrible. With that said, I was really happy to finally get my stuff, which you can see below.

Even though I had doubts, it really was shipped on Jan 8th. I guess weather was to blame.

The cute popcorn bag my order came in.

L to R: Cute little wish list, business card, handwritten note and free sample (Toxic Waste)

Swatch #1. Really pretty colors. With Rehab though, the blue glitter was simply put, a mess. It didn't stay on and fell off. I'll post more below on the glitter issues.

Swatch #2. Again pretty colors but Covet & TW looked to be the same to me :/

So like I said, I was having issues with the glitter in Rehab. In the ship announcement, RABB had this to say:

It really is a bummer. It is nice to see the owner taking responsibility and fixing this problem. I can't say it enough but before you start a business...RESEARCH and when you think you know it all, research some more.

The last hooray: So between the shipping issue, no communication and glitter issues, this was a pretty so so experience. It could have been a lot better.

Colors are nice minus the few with glitter issues.
I love the Pinup Powder, nice little shimmer dust.
Unique packaging.
Ingredients listed on site .

Bad customer service.
Bad shipping time.
Ingredient issues, glitter that is too big and not cosmetically safe for eye use.

So, will I order from RABB again? Maybe. Like I mentioned, I really did like the colors. I think once the owner fixes a few kinks, this could be a great shop to shop from. I truly do hope they can perform better in the future.


  1. Good to know that she's owning up, but still scary for her to not have known that. I MIGHT order, but it's a big maybe, and if she has another big sale.

  2. I didn't realize she had gone so far as to look into the glitter issue (ooh, is that because of us at MMUL??) but I'm impressed that she is taking action. I'd like to try her again after she re-does them.

  3. @ndrcvrngl: It really is scary. When I think of that big glitter getting in someone's eye - I shiver in dread!

    @Erin: I know she has been in contact with CB from MMUL, who has been helping her. I think when she fixes the issues, I will try her again and post an update.

  4. @Kristen, she said she was going to send me a new color and some of her Wet Spot solution to make up for my fail jar of Rehab, but now I don't know if it'll be the old style or with the new, better glitter. Either way I'll post it on MMUL

  5. I ordered on Jan. 1. About a week after the 4th, I started getting worried and checked my order status every day, and I also checked he page so make sure she was still active and getting good feedback. My order didn't ship until Jan. 18. That seems like an awful long time, but on her facebook page it says that she is having family problems. Well, that sucks, and I'm willing to cut anyone some slack over that. What troubles me is that The announcement about the glitters appeared the same day my order shipped. She knew that there was a problem with the glitters, posted an announcement, and shipped mine anyway. Would it really have killed her to send me a message asking if I'd like to trade the colors I picked for safer colors, or offer a refund, or... anything at all? I am a little puffed that she knowingly mailed off eye shadows that are not eye safe. I still haven't gotten my order, and I'll probably like it when I do get it, because I've never had a problem with chunky glitter and I used a LOT of chunky glitter when I was a teenager, but I feel like I have some pretty valid concerns here.

  6. @Kristen: Thank you so much for the honest review. The only way to better yourself and your company is to learn what you are doing right AND wrong. As far as the communication, I have been doing my best to answer convos and emails in a timely manner, I am just so embarrassed that I had missed yours, and I apologize.

    @Kitty: Yes, I still shipped out the colors that contain glitter - this is so people can see the actual shade in person, because I will be remaking the shades that contain glitter (14 total) and should have them relisted sometime in early February. They will still contain glitter, but it will be size .004 eye safe cosmetic grade.
    As far as orders placed during/after November, I have been doing what works best per each unique customer. I have been offering (1) an even exchange(s) for shades that do not contain glitter, or (2) store credit exchanges if you would like to try a different product entirely, or (3) a refund for purchase price of the products in question, or (4) I can send the updated version of the shade(s) when they are available (reason why I still sent the glitter shades).

    I am truely sorry about this entire situation and have been working my best to correct it. Thank you again for taking the time to check out this review and in turn, giving me more helpful info for bettering my business =]

  7. RABB: I appreciate you checking out this review and giving a mature/calm response. I really do think you will do well once all kinks are ironed out.I think you are right on point in that one of the ways to better yourself as a company, is to learn from your mistakes and take reviews such as mine, and listen to them. So many times - companies demand that reviews be pulled if they are less than flattering. I look forward to seeing the changes and doing an update on your company.

  8. That sounds fantastic! I look forward to you giving RABB another review/chance/look once everything has been corrected =]

  9. Very informative review, and well worded. I also do like how RABB responded to this. I appreciate a company who DOES NOT try and wipe away the negative stuff, but tries to learn from it :)