Saturday, January 1, 2011

Review #4: Scaredy Cat Cosmetics

#4: Scaredy Cat Cosmetics!

Photo by Scaredy Cat Cosmetics. *Dysphoria featured*

I personally love to support small business/Indie Companies. They are more involved
and I find I get much better quality when using these companies. I will generally troll Etsy and check out the shops and if one catches my eye, I'll buy and review it. These companies NEVER know I am a blogger/review, which I prefer. I was introduced to Scaredy Cat Cosmetics by a friend, Kitty C. She posted the link to this shop and I looked, was intrigued and bought.

About the company: Scaredy Cat Cosmetics is owned and founded by Kelly F. She is (per her bio) a "mother, geek, wife, daydreamer, doer, free-spirit, lover of life." SCC is a new company on etsy. They offer unique, hand-blended, all-natural mineral makeup. They also have many Vegan items as well.

What I like about SCC: As with the saying "You eat with you eyes first," I buy with my eyes first. What attracted me to SCC was their photos. They are well done and eye catching. Another plus is their packaging. With a previous cosmetic company, I was sent pigments in a non padded envelope. Spillage was a big problem with that company. I also love the fact that SCC's shipping time was amazing. I ordered on the 24th and got it on the 27th. With SCC, this is how my samples (yes samples!) were sent:

What I ordered: I decided to order the 5 for 5 trial vials. This is a really good deal if you are unsure of a company and/or the colors. They come in cute little vials that have a rubber stopper. This is important because it holds IN the pigment. Each vial was placed in their own plastic bag. Now the thing with the vials, they really only allow for a small brush to get in. Now personally, this doesn't bother me because I just tap out what I need in the bag. Each bag is labeled with the name, so you wont get confused if you decide to pour into the bag. For my 5 for 5, I ordered Smooze, Teal Deal, Unicorn Breath, Keltoi and Caldonia.

What I think about the pigments: They are gorgeous colors. Some give you that POP and some give you that smokey, dramatic eye look. In my opinion, they are blended well with the right amount of glitter(size as well) and they are easily blendable.

Will I buy from SCC again? You bet! I love the fast shipping, great packaging and beautiful colors. If you are unsure, try her 5 for 5 trial vials.

Overall Score: 5/5

Etsy Page: Facebook Page:!/pages/Scaredy-Cat/150434261654318

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  1. What a unique and fun way to sell samples! How creative. I'd love to try out Scaredy Cat someday.