Saturday, October 15, 2011

Heaven in a Tarte Box!

I am a pretty happy blogger today! I finally got my hands on what I like to call, Heaven in a Tarte Box! I am now the proud owner of the limited edition LipSurgence Collection (tint & luster). It's a 120 value for only $29.00! This is awesome because each LS will cost you $24.00. If you don't know what I am talking about, check it out HERE! Nice right? Well, lets get on with the review!

LipSurgences come in a jumbo pen size and can be either lusters, tints or mattes. According to the Tarte website:
-Lusters give a high dose of color and shine.
-Tints glides on smooth for a natural flush that will stay all day.
-Mattes glide on smooth for a rich matte finish that will stay all day

Now, lets get on with the fun stuff! Pictures & swatches!

Glitzy (Luster), Perky (Tint), Flashy (Luster), Swank (Tint) & Dazzled (Luster)

I really love them. They have a minty smell to them as well, so it plumps and moisturizes at the same time. I plan on collecting as many as I can, but that might take a while ;). So do you have this or any other LipSurgence? What do you think of them?

Where you can find this at:
Ulta (online/in store)
Sephora (online/in store)
Tarte Website
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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How sweet it is! (Indie review)

Photo from: Sweet Treats Cosmetics
It's been a bit since our last review, but what better way to come back than with something sweet? I was very excited to get a package from Sweet Treat Cosmetics today, as I had been eying their products for a bit. So lets get down to business.

Sweet Treat Cosmetics is a relatively new mmu company, owned by the very sweet Kaitlyn. The company was launched in June 2011 & specializes in mineral makeup and lip glosses (although I am sure there will be more great things coming up in the future). The names and flavors of their products are based on all the deliciousness of well, sweet treats! If you are like me and you have a sweet tooth, you will appreciate the names. STC currently has a listing of 20 loose eye shadows. At $5 per 5gm pot, the price is just right. They are not a 100% Vegan shop but for the items that are Vegan, it is posted. Right now, they have a listing of 7 lip glosses in various colors & flavors. STC also has a face powder and some eye shadow collections up as well.
I'm really impressed by the variety of the items they have so far but I do look forward to see more loose powders up as they grow.

Buying/Shopping: Buying from STC is a snap. I love when companies take the time to set up a decent shop and provides a great shopping experience. Everything is nicely catagorized & easy to find. A plus is the shipping tab, where it shows how much your item(s) are going to cost you. I have to say I really love how they show what the actual color will look like when worn. So many times I see I color I want, but it's not swatched or anything and that's a bummer. So kudos to STC for this! One thing I would love to see changed (and this is just me being picky lol) is the font size and color. I would like to see it a bit easier to read for the customers.

What I got: Because I couldn't decide what I wanted, I ordered a Mystery Grab Bag. This is a limited edition item, celebrating 500 fans on their facebook page. What's great about this item is that you get to pick your size! Again, creativity gets an A+! You can pick your "craving" from petite to Gluttony. They start at $10 and the highest is $50. I got a petite craving grab bag. According to their site: "Each bag will contain more product than the retail value suggests." In my bag, I received two full size eye shadows, 1 sample eye shadow and 1 full size lip gloss, plus candy. It was all wrapped in a cute Halloween bag! I ordered on Oct 5th and received it on Oct 11th (remember the 1oth was a holiday). I would have received it on Sat (Oct 8th) but my PO likes to withhold packages. DC confirmed it arrived on Fri. So all in all, amazing shipping and TAT!

My treats & invoice

I received: Lemon Drop, Blue Raspberry, Daiquiri (sample) & a limited edition Candy Corn Lip Gloss. Overall I am very happy with these items.

Blue Raspberry is described as being a deep, crisp blue w/ shimmer (Vegan)
Lemon Drop is a bright true yellow w/ a hint of gold in it (Vegan)
Strawberry Daiquiri is a deep rosy pink (Vegan)
Candy Corn Lip Gloss is not Vegan and is just like your favorite candy!


Please excuse the crappy eyeliner!

In my opinion, all colors match the website photos. I am loving how smooth and easy to blend they are. The lip gloss is not sticky at all and just like STC claims, silky. It's a great formula. Everything is labeled as well, this is VERY important and I'm happy to report that STC complies with FDA regulations about listing all ingredients.

Would I buy from STC again? Yes! The customer service is great, the colors are great and overall, it was a good buying experience. I am honestly excited to see how this company grows.

You can find them at:
Facebook Page

Have you tried Sweet Treat Cosmetics? What did you think of them?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

We are BACK!!

Hello everyone! So sorry I haven't been around but things have been CRAZY. My son started kindergarten, then we found out we got a house on the Air Force base. So that took a lot of packing, unpacking and moving. We are just about settled in and I am ready to get back into the beauty world!! I have a lot of products to review, tutorials, EOTD/LOTD - tons of giveaways! So stick around, spread my link and oh yeah, we are are changing the look here at DGG!!! So I promise, this blog will be hopping once again :)