Friday, June 11, 2010

Welcome (again lol)

Welcome everyone! As you know, my name is Kristen and this is my blog. If you have visited me before, you'll notice everything is GONE (thanks blogger) So I have to start over. But for those that don't know me or my blog, I decided to start reviewing products I buy online (mostly at Etsy stores) because some of them are really outstanding while others, well not so much. I will always give my honest opinion about things but just remember - these are just MY opinions. Another point of this blog is to talk about my daily life as a Domesticated Glitter Goddess aka Stay At Home Mommy/Wife! So enjoy, pass me along, grab my blinkie (when I make one haha) and follow along on this crazy journey!! If you ever want me to review something of yours and spread the word for your company, feel free to email me at