Monday, January 10, 2011

Calling all Glitter Geeks & Nerds: Shiro Review!

Image property of Shiro Cosmetics

While on the lookout for new MM companies, the one name that kept popping up was Shiro Cosmetics. So I checked out the site on etsy and saw this:

Makeup and Geekery.
and from her facebook page:
Nerdy, independent makeup company.

I love it! I love geeks, nerds what have you. I'm telling you, catchy titles/descriptions/pictures is very important when having a business and trying to gain a following. Well enough babbling, lets get to it, shall we?

The basics: Shiro Cosmetics is a one woman operation. It is own and founded by Caitlin. She has an etsy shop which you can find HERE and a website, which you can find HERE. Right now the website is under construction but it looks intersting with the Mario gaming look. I am really impressed with the photographs, as they cleary show the loose pigments and her names are pretty neat as well, such as Pikachu. As far as variety, Shrio has it. From her Legends Collection to the Super Effective Collection, colors range from the bold to the subtle.

I ordered a sample set on Dec 25th and received my package that following week (29th I believe). That's super fast shipping, which I appreciate. Now when I got my package I was even more impressed. Shiro doesn't skimp nor are they lazy in how they present their package. My goods came in this cute little bag with a business card on it. Now pay attention other etsy/MM owners. This is amazing customer service. This shows care and is a great touch. On the other side of the business card was a handwritten note from Caitlin. How sweet right? Another impressive touch.

Now, what did I get you ask? I ordered the Pick 5 Sample Sizes and asked for:
Magneton, Acid, Puzzle Cube, Nayru's Love & Rupee. I also was sent Spinarak and Temple of Time for free.

What I like the most is the ingredients on the lable. I really can't express how important this is to me and others. I personally want to know what I am putting on my eyes and I only wish all companies did this.

Here is a swatch. The colors are so shimmery and pigmented. They are blended very well and they adhere nicely to the eyes. My favorite was Puzzle Cube. It is a great highlighter with glitter that will knock you out (ina good way!)

L to R: Temple of Time, Spinarak, Puzzle Cube, Magneton, Nayru's Love, Acid, Rupee

The big finish:
-Will I buy from Shiro again? Yes, most definitely.
-The Pros include: Fast shipping, great packaging & customer service, great product.
-The Cons include: It was super hard to find one thing I didn't enjoy about this company. I guess that is why so many people recommend it. Give it try and let me know what you think!



  1. I adore Shiro! The "mini" jars are such a great deal, considering that they hold as much product as most companies' "full sized" jars. And Caitlin is so nice. She's super quick to respond to all communication, and she let me buy some of her Pokeball stickers for my mini jars ^.^

  2. She really is such a sweet person! I know I plan on buying full size jars from her now because I was highly impressed with the pigments :)

  3. Hey there I randomly found your page when I was trying to look up more into about Scardy Cat Cosmetics. I ready your review, and they sound awesome! I actually just ordered the 10 for 10 deal, which I can't wait to try out. I'd also love to meet more people on here, so please don't be a stranger!

  4. Hi Kassandra and thanks for the comment! Scaredy Cats is one of my favorite new indie companies. The owner is really sweet and her stuff is amazing! Let me know how you end up liking her :)