Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Check out that box! Glory Box Review.

I have mentioned a MMU group on facebook that I am apart of. Through that, I have been introduced to some awesome like minded glitter fiends and some awesome (and not so awesome) indie shops. The most recent shop is Glory Box Cosmetic Co. GBCC is owned by the fabulous Tawnya M.

About the shop: GBCC can be found on facebook HERE and on etsy HERE. I really like how everything is neat (you'd be amazed at how many etsy shops are not organized). The products are photographed well, the descriptions are point on and the ingredients are listed.

What I ordered: Tawnya was offering something called the "Poolection" on facebook and I fell in love with the colors. She only made 5 and they were $30.00 each. I must mention here that I know this may not be for everyone but there is a story behind this but I don't feel it is my place to mention what that is (if Tawnya agrees I will edit this and add). The collection came with 5 gorgeous neutral colors with a homemade charm and topper on the stack-able. Along with my order, I received two gorgeous reds and a free sample of GBCC eye primer. I received my order in less than a week! The customer service is amazing and everything was labeled correctly and with ingredients. GBCC is so professional and this is how a Indie company should be run.

Left: My package came secure and individually wrapped. Right: My extra goodies!

Handmade topper and charm.

Swatches of Infra Red and Ruby Tuesday (Both not Vegan and clearly stated) along w/ the Neutrals.

I really love the sample colors I received and the neutrals. I do own the Naked Palette by Urban Decay and this collection is right up there with it. They are gorgeous and well pigmented. They blend easily and just a pretty darn good collection in my little opinion. I am a huge Urban Decay Primer Potion fan and GBCC Primer is just as amazing. It really helps and is formulated right. I suggest you guys try it out if you are looking for a new primer.

Would I buy from Glory Box Cosmetics Co. again? Most definitely!! I do have my eye on some of the lipsticks, glosses and other shadows. If you love greens, check out 80's Bastard! Have you bought from GBCC before? Let me know how your experience was!


  1. OhmygOOdness! How did I miss her store? I love the packaging and all. Now I gotta go check out her products >.<

  2. Hey Kristen! Here's a blog award from me to you ~

  3. Wow the packaging is ADORABLE! :D

  4. Woah- that packaging is adorable, I'd buy just for that reason! LOL a smoking pile of poo ^___^ Also I <3 neutrals so yeah, I'd have been all over that!