Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A little Black Magic never hurts! (B&B Review)

I love makeup but I love bath/body products just as much! I'm always on the lookout for good soaps/whips/lotions etc. You get the picture. I will admit I am very picky when it comes to bath and body products. While I was looking for something new, a few of my fellow glitter junkies were gushing about a product called "Black Magic". My first reaction was, huh? Then. they went on to say that it was a great soap product and stuff. So, I decided to check out the shop this product came from and was very surprised.

The basics: First of all, I love the name "One Hand Washes The Other" (very unique). The shop can be found on etsy HERE and on Artfire HERE. When I looked on the etsy site, Black Magic was sold out but then I saw that she also has an artfire shop, which is where I ordered from. OHWTO is described as "Vegan-friendly Soaps and Skincare" and is owned by Becca H. She is a really sweet person with excellent customer service. I had convo'ed her on etsy and she promptly responded. She also has a blog that you can follow:

What I ordered: Since I was hearing all this talk of how great the Black Magic Soap was, I of course got that in the bar form AND in the bottle creme version. With my order, I picked up a sample of the Black Magic Soap (which someone lucky will receive!). I placed my order on Jan 21st (in the late afternoon) and received it on Jan 31st. On OHWTO, the turnaround time is clearly stated as being: 10-14 business days. So I was very happy with the shipping time.

Black Magic Solid Soap: $5.25 for a huge bar. An intense soap experience BIG BAR tea tree charcoal soap green clay peppermint lemongrass grapefruit rosemary

Black Magic Creme: $6.00 for a 2 oz bottle. A unique blend of traditional essential oils and botanical ingredients combined with modern cleansing technology, this is a facial cleanser unlike anything you've ever seen.

The goods:

Along with my order, I received an invoice with a thank you, cute stickers that my son enjoyed and two samples of solid perfume in Barista and Constance. My items were individually packed in a box, with purple tissue paper. Everything was professionally done. The items were labeled with ingredients and instructions.

I personally loved how refreshing and clean my face felt after using this! I have also noticed a decrease in redness and blemishes since using Black Magic. :)

Will I order again? You bet! I love this stuff. The soap is amazing and I love the customer service. Have you used this product or anything else from OHWTO? How was your experience?


  1. This soap is seriously the best I've ever used on my face - and I have some seriously sensitive skin! I started with using it daily, then every other, and am now using it every two or so days, just to keep the face uckies away, and use my 'regular' face soap the other days... I even picked up the creme Black Magic for my MIL to try =) (she doesn't like bar soap)

  2. Black magic Soap is my new BFF I love this stuff. It leaves my skin feeling super clean but not dry. My pores are smaller I have also noticed less blemishes and redness. I think everyone should try it!!!!

  3. I still should order Black magic soap. My only concern is if it's drying, because my skin is both dry and surface dry as it is.

  4. I love the soap so much, I like how it gets off all my makeup, and leaves a tight clean feeling behind. Mine is almost gone, I did order two big bars, I hope it gets here in time.

  5. I LOVE this soap. I ordered both like you, both are wonderful! My face has never been so clear, even around "that time" its less red and ucky and it really cleans the makeups off. I don't think I'll be going back to my regular soap ever again.

  6. I placed an order just for the soap and I have just started trying it. I was very impressed with the service (even though I only bought one small thing) and I really really like the solid scent sample I was sent, so the solid scents are really worth checking out too.

  7. How would you say the bar and the creme version compare? I'm halfway through my sample of Black Magic and I was planning on ordering a full-size but I'm curious about the creme.

  8. I would say they are both pretty great. I know for me, I like the creme better. No major reason why, I just prefer that method to the bar. Although with the bar - you get a TON of product. The thing is huge!