Thursday, December 23, 2010

I'm back from hiatus!

So most of you knew that in August, my family had orders to PCS back to Louisiana (my husband is active duty military). Well I have been without internet until today..yes that was a LONG time. Anyhow - I am back and I can NOT wait to continue with my reviews and what have you. My blog will also be getting an overhaul (such as re-organizing things etc)

Here is what we have on deck per reviews:

-Glittersniffer Cosmetics! (This is one you wont want to miss, as there is a lot for new consumers to know BEFORE they buy.
-Scaredy Cat Cosmetics
-Hi Fi Cosmetics
-Concrete Minerals

*Also, if any of you readers have a great store or know of one, please email me. Reader Suggestions are always awesome to do!

I have a lot to tell you all about some companies. But I need a favor from you all. Please please pass me along to friends/family and follow me. I lost a lot of my following back when blogger crashed for me. So with that said, follow me, spread the word, "like me" on facebook

Just search for "Just A Domesticated Glitter Goddess"

and don't forget,


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