Saturday, July 10, 2010

Review #2: Elohi Cosmetics

This is a favorite of mine and if you try them out, they will be a favorite of yours as well. I don't know about you but my eyes are sensitive and finding cosmetics that don't aggravate my eyes is a hard. I have found a few companies (reviews to come on those later) and this one, Elohi who are fantastic. So what is Elohi Cosmetics? It's an amazing cosmetic shop founded by the equally amazing Morgan Robinson. She is a Navy wife and mom, and now a business lady! You are probably wondering what Elohi stands for right? Well here goes a short history lesson:
"Elohi is the Cherokee word for Earth. It is pronounced Ay-low-he."-Morgan R.

Her products are all 100% all natural mineral makeup and Vegan friendly. She has every color pigment you could imagine...from natural to bright and bold. Currently I own:
Kristen (named after yours truly), Shock, Electricity, Erin, Geaux Geaux Gold, Miranda and Tipsy Tiger. They are amazing!

Here is a swatch:

A look I did from using her products:

Do you see how awesome, bright & glittery these pigments are? Seriously - they are amazing. Along with their killer pigments, Elohi offers mascara, lip gloss and eyeliner!! Another plus, is that they offer sample bags for cheap - so if you see a color that you aren't sure about, just get a sample!!! We here at DGG recommend Elohi Cosmetics! My favorite product: Kristen ;).
Right now, they are running a contest, so join their facebook page and check out the discussion tab!

Recap Time:
Amazing colors and variety
Amazing prices! Seriously
Amazing customer service



  1. I also highly recommend Elohi Cosmetics, her stuff is simply AMAZING. I have extremely sensitive skin.. almost every product I've tried sets off my allergies or makes my eyes turn bright red. This is not true with the products from EC, I have noticed no problems whatsoever with the makeup I've purchased from EC.. and I have quite a few!!

  2. I love Elohi cosmetics! I have 12 of her pigments...they are amazing. It makes it even better that she named one after me. So, check out "Miranda". It's a great color! =)

  3. Love the look! If I had any talent whatsoever with makeup, I'd definitely look into it. But I'm an eye liner and mascara girl... That's about all I can manage without screwing up. LOL